Resense Spa at Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort is a full-fledged wellness facility that offers a state-of-the-art health club This coffee bar promises a warm welcome as well as a selection of top-quality coffee from around the world.

What’s special? The Ethiopian Gugi light roast is a must for lovers of specialty coffee. Gouraud St., Gemmayze, 03 111967


If you’re looking for somewhere simple but full of character, head to Café Em Nazih in Gemmayze. Tucked away in an alley, it’s a great spot to enjoy a traditional coffee or a no-frills Lebanese dinner.

What’s special? The live music and authentic Lebanese food. Saifi Urban Gardens, Pasteur St., Gemmayze, 76 711466


A specialty coffee roaster since 1935, head to the Hamra branch of the iconic Café Younes to experience the exceptional aroma of coffee and some truly unique blends.

What’s special? The Marjeouini blend remains one of their most popular, so don’t leave without trying it. Neemat Yafet St., Hamra, 01 347531


A fun and vibrant choice for coffee and cake with friends, Candyfornia Café is the first Kawaii-style coffee shop and eatery that boasts a candy-colored aesthetic design.

What’s special? Besides the healthy salads and smoothies, you can buy collectibles and other knick-knacks from LA and Tokyo. Monot St., Saifi, 01 333820 KALEI COFFEE CO. Nestled


A self-service wine bar, restaurant and café, Cantina Sociale is a popular hangout whatever the time of day. Whether you’re on a first date or meeting up with friends, you’ll love the chilled-out ambiance.

What’s special? Apart from the friendly service, the apple salad, avocado toast and brownie. Independence St., Achrafieh, 01 334714


Guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, Home Sweet Home is a wholesome café, eatery and store.

What’s special? Great coffee, Sunday brunch and an extensive day and night menu. Alexander Fleming St., Mar Mikhael, 01 566656


Nestled in a traditional, century-old Lebanese house, Kalei is a fair trade micro-roastery serving specialty coffee and tasty homemade dishes.

What’s special? The egg awarma is a must. Off Qobayat St., Mar Mikhael, 03 780342


Chocolate is a lifestyle at Patchi Café. Discover delicious cakes, macarons and other desserts, and wind down with a tasty hot chocolate.

What’s special? Be sure to taste the Cabosse Signature, Les Granités and, of course, the fabulous chocolates. ABC Verdun, 01 804886


This casual café is a favorite among Beirut’s arty crowd. Expect a cool vibe, cozy work area and delicious coffee.

What’s special? The eclectic crowd and live music nights. Assaad Rustom St., Mar Mikhael, 81 715656


With exposed vintage walls, a charming interior and a lovely terrace, Sip is a fantastic place to unwind and enjoy a cup of specialty coffee.

What’s special? The eye-catching décor, Ethiopian single origin coffee and carrot cake. Gouraud St., Gemmayze, 01 567569