• Where ‘taste’ rhymes with “the ability to notice, appreciate, and judge what is beautiful, appropriate or harmonious, or what is excellent in food, wine, art, music, decoration, clothing, jewelry, and so on.”

    On this Twenty Ninth Day of March, in the year Two Thousand and Eleven, We, the undersigned, hereby pledge to serve Beirut and reinforce its reputation around the world as a center for excellence, talent and creativity in the field of human endeavor.

    We place before each and every Lebanese the challenge to adhere to this Charter. We affirm and assert that our Charter’s mission is to present Beirut to the world as “The Capital of Taste”. This guiding charter extends to each succeeding generation, however, the time is now for all Lebanese to go far beyond their present circles of influence and grow beyond comfort zones to fulfill the Charter’s objectives.This Charter, founded in Horeca 2005 in the wake of the turbulent times that prevailed in Lebanon, is a non-political ‘Will of the People’, to highlight the greatness of Lebanon.

    During the subsequent years the idea began to gain more impetus, and through careful nurturing has now become an enabling environment where the concept turned into a national project on an international scale. Many cities have attained the status of owning a synonymous name, such as New York which is the Big Apple, Paris, the City of Lights and Rome, the Eternal City.
    We shall be known as “Beirut, Capital of Taste”.

    The success of this Charter will be as important as the voluntary and honest recognition by international institutions such as CNN, Time, New York Times, NBC, Local, Regional and International media outlets as well as publishing and printing houses, a success which will be highlighted as well through the promotion of Beirut, Capital of Taste in all tourist venues and at the international airport of Beirut.

    We hereby solemnly commit to the Charters’ objectives as set forth herein:
    1. To promote Lebanon using our inherent talent for creativity through tasteful expression - in fact anything that would fall under “taste” in the broad sense of the word - as a platform for highlighting the positive image of Lebanon at the international level, emphasizing vibrancy and diversification.
    2. To encourage commitment to using a universally agreed ‘tagline’ or logo in events, publications and advertising that promotes the name of Lebanon, and Beirut as ‘The Capital of Taste’.
    3. To promote the signing of the On-line Charter by members of our communities, and actively contribute to the Charter Website and associated online forums that support Beirut as ’The Capital of Taste’ through links/e-agenda/on-line activities.
    4. To organize national events of international interest that promote Beirut as ‘The Capital of Taste’.
    5. To create and promote products, merchandise and touristic trinkets that reinforce Beirut’s image as ‘The Capital of Taste’.
    6. To consistently promote and develop the image of Beirut, ‘The Capital of Taste’ over the coming five years in order to achieve our goal of having an internationally coined synonymous name.